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The following list is an overview of all events presented by The Living Tradition.  Unless otherwise noted, events are held at the Anaheim Downtown Community Center, 250 E. Center St., in Anaheim.  (Free parking.)  These events are partially funded by a grant from the Anaheim Arts Council. 

For additional information about The Living Tradition events, go to our ConcertsDances, or Jams pages.



June 16, 2018 

Concert:  James Lee Stanley Steven McClintock opens.  7:30 PM.

June 23 

Jam & Contra Dance.  Caller: James Hutson.  Band: Moonlighters (Evan Anderson on mando, Barbara Whitney on fiddle, Jill Worley on guitar, and Mike Worley on bass).

July 21, 2018 

Concert:  Wimberley Bluegrass Band.  Dan Oved opens 7:30 PM.

July 28 

Jam & Contra Dance.  Caller: Jeff Spero.  Band: Modal Tease (Belinda Thom on fiddle, Jim Hamilton on banjo, and Doug Davis on guitar).

Aug. 18, 2018 

Concert:  New World String Project.  7:30 PM.

Aug. 25

Jam & Contra Dance.  Caller: John Rogers.  Band: High Strung Trio (Belinda Thom on fiddle, James Flaherty on banjo, and David Hostetler on guitar).

Sept. 15, 2018 

Concert:  Evan Marshall Miskey Mountain Boys open.  7:30 PM.

Sept. 22

Jam & Contra Dance.  Caller: James Hutson.  Band: Boomerang (Bonnie Insull, Frank Hoppe, and Jeff Spero).

Oct. 20, 2018 

Concert:  Tracy Grammer.  7:30 PM.

Oct. 27

Jam & Contra Dance.  Caller: James Hutson.  Band: Free Fall (Ann & Jim Kosinski, Barbara Whitney, and Patty McCollom)

Nov. 17, 2018 

Concert:  Men of Worth Bernice Lewis opens.  7:30 PM.

Nov. 24

Jam & Contra Dance.  Caller: JoAnne Koppany.  Band: Rhythm Method (Steve Shapiro,  Briana Bandy, and Emil Olguin).

Additional details about 2018 events will be added as information becomes available. 

The schedule is subject to change.


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