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Note: New Time and Location for our Jams

Jams are no longer be held regularly on the second Saturday of the month at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

Effective immediately, jams are now held as SPECIAL EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.  The location and time will be specified for each jam.

This change is necessary because of declining jam attendance and a change in ministers at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  We experimented with the 2nd Saturday monthly format but realized it was not sustainable.

The good news is we have two Summer Night Jams scheduled, from 6 PM – 9 PM on Saturday, July 15 and Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023.  These jams will be held in our former meeting place:  the Anaheim Downtown Community Center. There are no concerts scheduled for the summer, so it is a perfect time for a couple of summer jams.  Musicians and listeners are welcome.

Please remember that there will NOT be a jam in May or June 2023.

Click here to read Patty McCollom's message (PDF) announcing the changes to the schedule and location of our jams.

For additional information, contact Patty McCollom (phone or text) at (714) 267-4567.

Our Covid-19 Policy for Concerts and Jams   

Our Covid protocols are intended to protect the health and safety of our community.  Our concerts and jams now follow the same Covid protocols as neighboring organizations that offer similar events.  While we strongly recommend that attendees wear masks at our jams and concerts, we now state that masks are optional for these two events. 

Our Jams are Scheduled for the Following Dates and Times:

July 15, 2023, 6 – 9 PM at the Anaheim Downtown Community Center.

Aug. 19, 2023, 6 – 9 PM at the Anaheim Downtown Community Center.

Additional details about jams will be added as information becomes available.

The schedule is subject to change. 

Here is a sample of the music played at the jams: JamMusic1.


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